Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) had a successful night in school board elections Tuesday where a majority of his endorsed candidates won, including in areas where school boards were previously run by liberal members. 

DeSantis posted a list of 30 school board candidates he endorsed before elections last night, saying the candidates were “committed to the student-first principles of the DeSantis Education Agenda.”

Out of the 30 candidates, 21 of the candidates won, four will be in runoff races and five lost. 

Among the wins, the DeSantis-backed candidates were able to flip multiple school boards that were previously liberal-leaning to conservative-leaning. 

The 1776 Project PAC, a conservative education political action committee that helped some of the school board candidates, tweeted that the Miami-Dade school board is now flipped conservative after two DeSantis-endorsed candidates, Roberto Alonso and Monica Colucci, won spots on the school board. 

“Miami Dade is now the LARGEST county in America with a conservative school board majority,” the group said

Sarasota County saw its school board flip from a three to two liberal majority to a four to one conservative majority. Duval County also now has a conservative-majority school board after the elections.  

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