Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spent last night firing shots at Charlie Christ in a debate that all but ended the Florida gubernatorial race. DeSantis spent much of the night touting his fundraising efforts and defended his response to Hurricane Ian. He also shot back at attacks over his hurricane response saying “You know what he was doing during this? He was hiding out in Puerto Rico.He wasn’t helping his community here. And then when he got back, what did he do? His campaign was soliciting campaign contributions from storm victims. That is unacceptable and that’s not what a leader would do and a time of despair.”

DeSantis also detailed his response to the hurricane:

“Look, I’m proud that we had 42,000 linemen staged, ready to go, an unprecedented array of first responders. We were able to get in in a record time, effectuate thousands of rescues, get the power back on for millions of people in record time.”

“And when the bridges got wiped out in Pine Island and in Sanibel people thought those islands were going to be severed from the mainland for six months to a year, we did the Pine Island Restoration in three days and we did the Sanibel causeway restoration in two weeks. Now those islands have the ability to recover.”

In DeSantis’ best retort of night, he responded to a question about a possible 2024 presidential by saying that Charlie Christ was the “only worn out old donkey I’m looking to put out to pasture.”


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