In a recent interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized former President Donald Trump, attributing  his legal challenges to Trump’s failure to adequately ‘drain the swamp’ during his tenure. DeSantis argued that Trump missed an opportunity to bring about greater change by not firing Christopher Wray, who was nominated as the FBI director in 2017, and by not prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

The Governor stated:

“Well, he had three years to fire Christopher Wray and he didn’t fire him. And remember, I went to the rallies in 2016, Laura. You remember them, lock her up, lock her up, about holding Hillary accountable. And then, two weeks after the election, he said never mind that I said that and let her off the hook. And so, I think if you look at — and I give him credit even though we’re competing for the great things he did do — but one of the things he did not do was drain the swamp. The swamp got worse in his four years. And you had people like Wray, you had people in power who were not getting the job done. You’ve got to take very swift action and you’ve got to make it happen.”

“So, for example, with me as president, on day one, Christopher Wray gets sent packing. You’re going to see the DOJ cleared out. We are going to ensure a single standard of justice in this country again.”

Drawing parallels with his tenure as Florida’s Governor, DeSantis boasted about his proactive steps in cleansing the state administration. He highlighted his decisions to remove county prosecutors he deemed ineffective and to counter what he saw as lenient penalties for criminals. He said:

“We’ve drained the swamp in here. We’ve gotten rid of negligent election supervisors in South Florida. We’ve removed two different progressive prosecutors funded by Soros who were not enforcing the law. So, I’ve shown an ability to take action and get the job done. And, as the president, I am going to do the same thing.”

These decisions, however, have not been without controversy and have faced significant opposition.

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