On Wednesday evening, thousands of users flocked to Twitter Spaces to hear Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announce his presidential bid in a conversation with Elon Musk. The event ended up being delayed for roughly thirty minutes due to what Musk called ‘a user surge like he had never seen before.’ DeSantis had hoped that this novel launch would grab the attention of the younger demographic of Twitter. Unfortunately, it did seem bring those users in. After eventually sorting out the technical difficulties, the governor was able to start his conversation with the world’s most famous businessman. The talk lasted for an hour and DeSantis stated that he is running for President of the United States to lead our ‘Great American Comeback.’

Moderator of the DeSantis-Musk Twitter Space tweeted out that it was the largest room ever held on social media:

Here are some of DeSantis’ most notable lines from his talk with Musk according to ABC News:

“We know our country’s going in the wrong direction. We see it with our eyes and we feel it in our bones,”

He pledged to listeners that he would “restore sanity,” fight “identity politics” and “build an economy where working Americans can achieve a good standard of living.”

“Truth needs to be our foundation. Commonsense can no longer be an uncommon virtue,” he said, adding, “In Florida, we proved it could be done.”

Meanwhile President Joe Biden lacked the “vigor” to lead while in turn letting himself be led by the “woke mob,” DeSantis said. He never mentioned his primary GOP rival, Donald Trump, but criticized what he called a culture of ‘losing’ among Republicans.

Many of DeSantis’ comments will resonate with Republican and independent voters who are looking for more civility and moderation in modern politics. Dan Backer, a Super-PAC activist recently told the Daily Mail:

“You’ve got people that are very strongly ideologically fervently, almost zealots for Trump, and that’s a powerful base, but that’s really all he’s got,”

“Moderates, independents, swing voters are all turned off by him. Soccer moms don’t want him grabbing their p*****s,”

Former president Donald Trump responded to DeSantis’ announcement with a video that left many viewers scratching their heads. The video shows a mock Twitter Space which includes DeSantis, Musk, George Soros, Adolf Hitler, the Devil, the FBI and Dick Cheney. The video will support moderates’ beliefs that Trump is an unsavory personality who loves making personal attacks.

Watch Trump’s video below:


DeSantis went on Fox News with Trey Gowdy following his Twitter appearance and boasted that it was the largest audience the app has ever had. He stated:

“It did break the Twitter Space, and so we are really excited with the enthusiasm.”

Trump holds a substantial lead over DeSantis but many say this announcement will give him a boost in the polls. He is viewed by many as a younger alternative to both Biden and Trump.


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