Democrats are searching for answers after a tough night of elections across the country. Minneapolis voted to not defund the police, Republican Glenn Youngkin secured victory in Virginia, and the governor’s race in New Jersey is too close to call as Republican Jack Ciattarelli has given incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy in a fight he was not expecting.

Context: Elections across the country were the barometer of how the country feels about the leadership of Democrats and the popularity of their progressive policies. Kamala Harris even claimed, “what happens in Virginia will . . . determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on.”

Youngkin’s victory also comes in the face of Democrat attempts to link him to former President Trump. The tactic did not work and Youngkin did his best to distance himself from the former president without rebuking him.

What Happened: Youngkin’s victory was declared within 90 minutes of the polls closing showing the effectiveness of his campaign to not overtly embrace Trump while not alienating his supporters.

The victories were catapulted by increased wokeism on the left – especially in schools. A declining economy, a supply chain crisis, and skyrocketing inflation also stood front and center. The success of Republicans, which included a Republican in Texas flipping seat in San Antonio that was held by a Democrat, is seen as a sharp rebuke to the ineffective leadership of Biden as well.

Why it Matters: Voter confidence in Democrats is falling behind Republicans in key issue areas and the elections on November 2nd were seen as a sneak peek of what will happen in 2022 and 2024. Former President Trump tried to take credit for the victory but it could show that Donald Trump is fading into irrelevancy. Youngkin didn’t openly embrace him, and Democrat attempts to tie candidates to Trump fell on deaf ears.

The Biggest Sign the Democrats are in Trouble: A truck driver, Edward Durr, from New Jersey who has spent $153 on his campaign looks like he is going to beat current New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney.

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