Democrats in the Senate are now claiming that their long sought changes to the filibuster rule, which would effectively abolish it, are essentially inevitable.

The Details: The sentiment among Democratic activists comes as anger over Democrat Senator’s Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin’s decision to not back either President Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ agenda or the initiative to abolish the filibuster rule remains high.

Brian Fallon, a former senior aide to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) reflected the views of many in the liberal wing of Congress when he stated “I really do think Sinema and Manchin are the last two members of the Senate Democratic Caucus that will ever support keeping the filibuster in its current form…It’s hard to imagine anybody getting elected in the future that won’t arrive on a platform of getting rid of the filibuster.”

A major shift in the party’s view of the filibuster came in the summer of 2020 when former President Obama referred to it as ‘a Jim Crow relic.’

So far, the Democrats simply don’t have the votes to abolish the filibuster, but expect the issue to remain at the top of the Democratic agenda for years to come.

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