Illinois Representative Chuy García replied to an anonymous account on Twitter in a vulgar fashion, but he blamed a member of his staff instead of offering any apology.

According to Fox News:

The House of Representatives voted to pass an assault weapons ban Friday evening, with legislators narrowly approving the bill by a 217-213 vote. The legislation will now head to the Senate, where it’s unlikely to break the filibuster.

“I just voted to reinstate the assault weapons ban,” García wrote Saturday, saying that “weapons of war” have “no place” in Illinois communities. “Now it’s the Senate’s turn to pass it and send it to President Biden’s desk.”

“Never even heard of this guy and I won’t comply even if his silly law passes,” an anonymous Twitter user said of the newly proposed regulations.

“You are borderline r—–ed, ya dips—,” García replied, using a term that mental disability advocacy groups and others consider offensive.

García later deleted the tweet and blamed a staffer for the message, saying that person will face disciplinary action.

“Last night a member of Congressman García’s staff posted an unauthorized tweet from the Congressman’s account using profanities and offensive language to individuals living with disabilities,” his office said in a statement Saturday morning. “The language used was absolutely inappropriate and inconsistent with Congressman Garcia’s history, values, and character. The individual responsible will be held accountable and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

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