As law enforcement monitors a truck convoy moving towards D.C., one congressman has a novel (and illegal) idea to halt their progress.

The Background: “Freedom Convoy” protests began in Canada when leagues of truckers, fed up with COVID mandates, occupied the area around the capital in Ottawa. The protests came to an end when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau controversially enacted emergency powers which allowed law enforcement to arrest protesters, freeze their bank accounts, and tow away their trucks.

The Details: Police in the DC area say they are aware of talks of truck convoys clogging up roads and shutting down the Beltway, but those are only rumors at this point. That didn’t stop Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) from sharing his solution to the potential protesters:

His comment is particularly unsavory given the totalitarian conditions under which Canadian protesters were ultimately subdued.

Protest With Potential: One of the so-called “threats” of protest comes from the owner of a towing company in Scranton, PA. Bob Bolus says he and a convoy of fellow truckers plan to shut down the Beltway later this week.

“We’re challenging the high prices of fuel,” he said.

Bolus said they are also protesting vaccine mandates, critical race theory and people in jail facing charges related to the Capitol insurrection. He said the convoy will start from Pennsylvania’s capitol in Harrisburg before coming to D.C.

Local news reports the convoy has departed and will reach D.C. at some point Wednesday afternoon.

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