Fox News personality and radio host Dan Bongino is still working for Cumulus Media.

Context: Bongino, who is vaccinated, took a stand and said he would quit in protest of his employer’s vaccine mandate for employees.

Bongino made his thoughts and intentions known, left work for a little over a week, and then went back.

Why this is important: The act, which won Bongino adoration among freedom fighters, now seems like a hollow publicity stunt.

Bongino has assured his followers that he is still fighting with Cumulus, but it appears Bongino did not make good on his threat.

Observers have praised Bongino for his bright future but have criticized his calculus.

They say Bongino miscalculated his clout with the company. Bongino has said that he is looking out for his employees’ best interests in his tamped-down negotiations with Cumulus.

Bongino has stated he will not get the booster even if Cumulus requires it.

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