The Dallas Cowboys are getting serious social media flack for announcing a collaboration with pro-gun coffee brand, Black Rifle Coffee.

“Great timing, the day after another mass shooting the #Cowboys select an official coffee company that glorifies weapons of war,” one Twitter user complained

“As a lifelong fan, this is as tone deaf as it gets. Will not watch one game until they change this,” a Cowboys fan threatened in response.

The Texas NFL team tweeted that they were partnering with the brand on Tuesday, just a day after a shooter killed seven people in Highland Park, IL during the city’s annual Fourth of July parade, and in the wake of the shooting that took the lives of 19 children and two teachers at Texas’ own Uvalde elementary school.  

Twitter critics were quick to point out that announcing a joint venture with a gun-themed company that serves “Silencer Smooth Roast” and “AK-47 Espresso Blend” was a “tone-deaf” play. 

“Do they have White Massacre flavor?” A replier snarked. “Any chance you have their newest flavor? Murdered Children Mocha?” Someone else said

“Mass Shooting Morning Blend,” a Twitter user suggested. “It tastes awful but we all accept it, eventually,” a commenter wrote

“BRCC is proud to partner with the Dallas Cowboys, who are strongly committed to our mission of supporting veterans, first responders, and America’s men and women in uniform,” a Black Rifle spokesman said in a statement. “The long-planned announcement was timed to coincide with the Independence Day holiday — America’s Team. America’s Coffee. America’s Birthday.”

“Black Rifle” Coffee is America’s Coffee? Are you kidding me?” One person questioned. “Maybe read the room a bit, guys,” another shot back.

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