Joe Biden has sparked controversy again over his behavior around women and girls. Last week he was caught on camera hovering over a teenager’s shoulder, telling her “no serious guys till you are 30.” The young lady, obviously found the situation extremely awkward replied, “Okay, I will keep that in mind.” A Biden aid then quickly came in and told the man recording the video to shut his camera off. That was just last week, yet Biden was part of another uncomfortable moment with his granddaughter this weekend in Wilmington Delaware.

The president joined his granddaughter Natalie for early voting in his home state. It was the first time voting for Natalie and Biden was seen getting strangely close to her as he placed a sticker on her chest and gave her a kiss.

Here is the video from last week:


Biden has a long history of unwanted touching of women at public events, including sniffing the hair of defense secretary Ash Carter’s wife.

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