Chris Christie, in a scathing critique of President Joe Biden’s approach to handling inflation, drew a striking parallel, likening Biden to former President Jimmy Carter. During a candid interview with CNN’s Kasie Hunt, Christie highlighted alarming concerns about the surging cost of living under Biden’s presidency.

According to Christie, prices have skyrocketed, reaching a staggering 17 percent higher than they were when Biden assumed office in January 2021. Adding to the economic woes, interest rates have now soared to their highest levels in 25 years, posing significant challenges for individuals trying to afford homes, cars, or invest in their businesses, ultimately leading to a decrease in job opportunities.

“Interest rates are at one of its high — our highest level in 25 years, making it much more expensive for people to buy a home, to buy a car, to be able to invest in their business and grow it to create jobs. This guy is the Jimmy Carter of the 2020s.”

Despite the evident negative economic indicators, the Biden administration and the Democratic party have sought to project a different narrative, touting the economy as historically strong and even coining the phrase “Bidenonics” to emphasize their point. Many, however, view this as a political strategy aimed at “gaslighting” the voters.

“Gaslighting” refers to a manipulative technique wherein someone employs lies, deception, and emotional manipulation to make others doubt their own reality, memory, or sanity. In this case, the Biden administration’s attempt to convince the public of a robust economy may be seen as an effort to secure political support, given the historical correlation between strong economic performance and electoral success for presidents, such as President Biden seeking re-election.

Moreover, Christie cited renowned Democratic economist and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who blamed Biden’s excessive spending for the inflationary situation. According to Christie, the American people, whether they belong to the Republican Party or not, deserve the truth about the current economic situation. He emphasized that honesty is non-negotiable for him, and he stands firm on his positions regardless of the platform.

“All Republican Party voters and all American voters deserve are two things, the truth. The truth is not negotiable.”

Christie believes that voters need a leader who can address crucial issues such as border security, healthcare (Obamacare), the national debt, and entitlement programs. He criticized former President Donald Trump for failing to deliver on these matters, even with a Republican-controlled Congress. Christie asserted that if elected president, he would be different and committed to addressing these concerns effectively.

“And I’m not going to say something different on your program than I will anywhere else in this country. And, second, they need someone who can deliver on the issues they care about on the border, on Obamacare, on the national debt, on entitlement programs,” he added. “Donald Trump failed on all those when he was president, even with a Republican Congress. Elect me president, and I won’t.”

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