Before the thrum of the first pitch at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Pride Night game, a profound display of faith and conviction unfolded at the stadium gates. Catholics for Catholics, a religious organization steadfast in its defense of traditional Catholic values, staged a four-hour “prayerful procession” to express their concerns over the Dodgers’ decision to honor a charity organization they view as contradictory to their beliefs.

This move by the Dodgers, part of their Pride Night festivities, was to recognize the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with the Community Hero Award. Catholics for Catholics has previously described this group as “Godless” and “Christ-mocking,” sentiments that reflect the unease some followers of traditional religion feel when confronted with what they perceive as cultural shifts away from their foundational values.

As is often the case with protests, it was not just about the actual event, but also the larger societal implications it represented. For Catholics for Catholics, the decision to honor the Sisters symbolized a disregard for the faith and tradition they hold dear.

In the spirit of peace and love that Christianity preaches, the organization announced its intention to hold a peaceful, prayerful procession on its official website. The invitation was extended to all, fostering an atmosphere of community and shared belief. A testament to the strength of their convictions, videos circulated on social media showed what appeared to be thousands gathering in peaceful protest, wielding signs, flags, and unified in prayer.

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