Embattled Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) is making a desperate plea for Democrats in the state to switch their party in order to infiltrate and support her in the August 16th Republican primary.

Her campaign website now hosts instructions on how Wyoming voters can change their party affiliation and links to a voter registration change form, according to The Hill.

The New York Times also reports that her campaign has been sending mailers to registered Democrat voters in the state with the similar information on switching parties.

Wyoming allows voters to change their party affiliation at the polls.

Cheney had told reporters as recently as February that she had no plans to reach out to Democrats for primary votes, but she has apparently had a change of heart as polling grows tight.

Recent polls in the state show her opponent with an enormous lead of nearly thirty percentage points.

She is one of only two Republicans serving on the House committee to investigate January 6th and has been an outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump. She was also a Republican vote toward his second impeachment.

She faces Trump’s endorsed candidate, Harriet Hageman, in a race being set up to test how a longtime and once popular conservative in their home state can fare against Trump’s influence over voters.

Despite her outreach, she still markets herself as a “conservative Republican” and has opposed almost all of Biden’s agenda since he took office.

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