With the CDC now cutting the recommended quarantine time for those infected with Covid-19 down to five days from the previously recommended ten, some are now claiming that the change is driven more by the desire to help struggling businesses than science.

The Details: Industries across America are seeing major disruptions due to employees calling out en masse due to a wave of new infections from the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus. The airline industry, in particular, was hard hit, with call outs being responsible for the cancellation of thousands of flights over the busy holiday weekend.

The CDC changed its quarantine guidelines for asymptomatic individuals on Monday, reducing it from 10 days to 5. When later asked to provide a reason for the change, Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that the changes were designed to help people get back to work more quickly.

Several organizations representing workers, including both the Nurse’s and Flight Attendants’ union, pushed back against the new guidelines, arguing that they didn’t provide enough time for workers to recover from potentially serious infections.

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