Karla Hernandez-Matz is the running mate for Charlie Crist in the Florida Gubernatorial race. Karla Hernandez-Matz joked that her experience as a special education teacher who “worked with emotionally handicapped” prepared her to deal with the “dysfunctional” legislature. Karla labeled children with special needs as dysfunctional. As a mother who has a child with special needs, I say, “Oh, heck no!” And so does Florida’s First Lady, Casey DeSantis.

“Sickened by callous words from someone who claims to be an advocate for children,” DeSantis tweeted. “Karla, saying children w/ unique abilities are ‘dysfunctional’ & equating them to political opponents is a new low. I will make it my mission to let all parents know of the hate in your heart.”

Children who have special needs teach the world how to live with love and honesty. Karla Hernandez-Matz has failed with listening to the students that she used to work with. The teacher and student relationship is a special bond in which the teacher and the student learn from each other. Karla clearly didn’t learn from her students as evidenced by the way she labeled them as dysfunctional. Her labeling is disgusting.

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis battled Karla over Twitter slamming her for her outrageous labeling. Casey DeSantis knows the value that children with special needs brings to a community and is their advocate. These children teach us love, compassion, honesty, and empathy. Casey DeSantis knows this and so do I. But Karla? Heck no!

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