On Monday, Gov. Ron DeSantis is set to announce new measures against Disney, following its attempts to undermine his oversight of the company’s self-governance power. DeSantis has reportedly finalized plans by the state legislature to nullify Disney’s controversial move to keep control of a special district around their Orlando parks. Florida officials called Disney’s desperate move “an embarrassment,” and say they have gotten used to doing whatever they want to do for too long.

DeSantis, along with state legislators are set to sign a bill, which the Governor says will  “make sure that people understand that you don’t get to put your own company over the will of the people of Florida.”

Officials claim that Disney’s strategy is an unlawful “poison pill” aimed at undermining state supervision of its special tax district. They also argue that the secret maneuver is subject to swift legislative reversal. DeSantis and the state’s largest employer first clashed last year when Disney publicly opposed a bill banning instruction related to sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

The conflict between DeSantis and Disney highlights the tension between large corporations and state governments. Disney, which is one of Florida’s largest employers, enjoys significant power and influence in the state. However, the governor’s office has attempted to limit the company’s autonomy, citing concerns over transparency and accountability.

The move by the state Legislature to void Disney’s tactic signals a willingness to challenge the company’s power and defend the state’s regulatory authority. It also sets a precedent for other states to follow suit and assert their own oversight over powerful corporations operating within their borders.

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