On Thursday, former President Donald Trump submitted a legal document, stating his intention to shift his Georgia criminal case, tied to the 2020 presidential election allegations, from county to federal court. Trump isn’t alone in the move, as several individuals associated with the case are considering a similar change.

The filing from Trump’s lawyer, Steven Sadow, read:

‘President Trump hereby notifies the court that he may seek removal of his prosecution to federal court,’

‘To be timely, his notice of removal must be filed within 30 days of his arraignment.’

Taking the case to federal court might enable Trump to leverage immunity provisions available to federal officials, potentially] setting up a self-pardon if were to become president. The key will be if he can persuade the judiciary that his indicted actions were intertwined with his presidential responsibilities.

The state court would summon jurors exclusively from Fulton County, a locale that favored President Joe Biden by a significant 47-point lead. In contrast, the federal court’s jurors would be selected from a broader 10-county region surrounding Atlanta. Though Biden secured victory here by 32 points, it offers a relatively reduced margin.

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