Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is purportedly declaring an Independent Presidential run this month in Pennsylvania, per a Mediaite report. He plans to release “attack ads” against the Democratic Party before his announcement, as he’s grown disgruntled with the party following their decision to not host debates, essentially assuring President Biden would be the nominee for the Democrats in 2024.

Major Announcement in Philadelphia

On October 9, Kennedy is set to unveil his announcement in Pennsylvania, a state Biden won by a slim margin in 2020. Kennedy believes his candidacy inspires hope in Americans disillusioned by governmental corruption and is promising transformative change. Kennedy has been a rising-star candidate in the Democratic party, as he’s consistently sat as high as 20% in the polls, according to multiple polling averages since he announced his 2024 run.

Positioning Outside Democrat Party

Kennedy critiques leadership within both major political parties, distancing himself from the Democratic Party. Footage of President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump, and prominent Congressional figures highlight his outsider stance. Kennedy perceives a pathway to victory by challenging established political norms and emphasizing the American people’s inherent goodness.

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