Controversial Resolution to Remove House Speaker Discovered in Bathroom, Allegedly Linked to Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Document Discovery at Capitol

– A document that appears to be proposing the removal of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was reportedly discovered in a bathroom within the U.S. Capitol, allegedly printed by Rep. Matt Gaetz.

– The post by journalist Matt Laslo on X (previously Twitter) suggests that the motion was connected to Representative Matt Gaetz, a noted McCarthy critic from Florida.

– The resolution has yet to be verified, however, all indications point to this being printed by Rep. Matt Gaetz.

– McCarthy, amid struggles to secure government funding for the next fiscal year, has aimed to satisfy both the GOP’s conservative and moderate factions. Achieving consensus has been challenging due to tight Republican majority in the House.

Gaetz’s Involvement and GOP Dynamics

– The unverified document, titled “Declaring the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives to be vacant,” has Gaetz’s name but lacks his signature.

– As the month-end deadline nears, some GOP members back a Continuing Resolution (CR) with an 8% cut for most federal agencies, excluding Ukraine funds.

– Critics view this motion as a sign of GOP disarray, particularly as McCarthy negotiates funding.

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