U.S Senate Candidate (R-PA) Dr. Oz has taken the lead over his opponent, career politician (D) John Fetterman. Real Clear Politics’ adjusted poll average is showing a +3.0 point advantage for Dr. Oz.

Coming off of a strong debate performance against John Fetterman, many walked away from the debate feeling more comfortable about Dr. Oz representing them in the Senate, and worried that the health concerns that John Fetterman is facing may simply be too much to handle.

Fetterman, who suffered a stroke earlier this year, struggled to communicate clearly during the debate. Fetterman struggled to speak clearly, and often couldnt form full and cogent sentences. Many of the highlights went viral on Twitter after the debate, and health concerns quickly followed.

Dr. Oz pressured John Fetterman to debate throughout the campaign process, and when the two met on stage, it was obvious why Fetterman and his camp were dodging Dr. Oz. Typically, a career politician like John Fetterman would be thrilled to humiliate a new-comer in politics like Dr. Oz, however, Oz came out with an impressive performance throughout the debate, and Fetterman struggled to communicate – leading many to question Fetterman’s ability to serve if elected into the U.S. Senate.

Now, with just over a week out from the Midterm elections, Dr. Oz has an adjusted polling average showing him leading by +3.0 over John Fetterman.

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