During a press conference in Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had two separate moments where he appeared to lose consciousness. On both occasions, McConnell ‘froze’ for well over half a minute. See the clips below:

This incident mirrored a similar one that occurred  in July, on Capitol Hill, where the 81-year-old Kentucky Republican paused for 19 seconds before being led away from the media. He resumed the conference shortly after, assuring journalists he was alright.

At the latest event, when it became evident that McConnell had momentarily lost focus, a staff member approached him and inquired if he had heard the reporter’s question, but McConnell remained unresponsive.

McConnell eventually regained his focus and provided a succinct response to another query regarding Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a fellow Republican. However, his assistant had to reiterate the question for him. Later, when questioned about the former President Donald Trump, McConnell dismissed the question, as he typically avoids discussions related to Trump, before exiting the event.

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