Today, Rep. Lauren Boebert called out the long-time Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi in front of Congress. In the viral exchange, Boebert said:

“Madam Speaker, The American People Have Spoken. They Have FIRED You.”

While the “red wave” was in large part underwhelming, one thing Republicans were almost certainly going to come away with control of the U.S. House of Representatives, as nearly every poll showed that the GOP would win a House majority by a comfortable margin. After successfully securing a majority in the House, the GOP has begun the process of trying to fill the role of Speaker of the House by nominating California Rep. Kevin McCarthy to fill the role. On January 3, McCarthy will need at least 218 votes to take over as the GOP’s pick to fill the role of Speaker of the House.

Pelosi, now 82 years old, announced last month that she will be removing herself from the role of Speaker of the House following over two decades of leading the House Democrats.

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