Sources closest to former President Trump have mentioned a supposed official announcement date for the launch of Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign – November 14th. While there has been a good amount of chatter over the subject, Trump’s closest allies have started blocking off time within the week following the midterms in preparation to travel for Trump 2024 rallies. As polls point to a good night for Republicans Tuesday, it is expected that Trump will ride the red wave into a presidential campaign. This supposed announcement could come with a multi-day series of political events.

As has been seen by Trump on the midterm campaign trail, there have been multiple instances where the former President almost announced running. As seen at his Thursday rally in Iowa, Trump mentioned “probably” having to do it again, discussing probably having to run for President again. Though as he continues to hint at the subject at rallies, crowds have erupted with cheers at the potential news.

While his plans are still fluid, pending Tuesday’s results, and specifically the potential of a runoff in Georgia’s Senate race between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock, multiple factors of the official announcement have been discussed.

While anything is possible with Trump many close to him are taking this impending date seriously.

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