The People’s Republic of China is threatening to take action against the U.S. over the destruction of one of their surveillance balloons. On Wednesday, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin made the threat during a press conference, saying, “China firmly opposes this and will take countermeasures in accordance with the law against the relevant U.S. entities that undermine China’s sovereignty and security.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been extremely critical and accusatory of the U.S. during the entire spy balloon situation saying the U.S. has making a spectacle out of a delicate situation.

China Claims U.S. Sent More Than 10 Spy Balloons Into Country’s Airspace

“We do need to point out, however, that the U.S.’s downing of the unmanned airship with advanced missiles is a trigger-happy overreaction,” Wang said in a press conference on Monday. “Many in the U.S. have been asking ‘what good can such costly action possibly bring to the U.S. and its taxpayers?’”

According to The Hill:

Wang did not go into detail about the countermeasures and did not identify the targets of those measures, The Associated Press noted.

President Biden ordered the balloon shot down on Feb. 4, an order that China claims was an overreaction. Beijing maintains that the balloon was a civilian weather balloon that went off course.

China has accused the U.S. of sending spy balloons over its country at least 10 times since May 2022.

Wang during Wednesday’s briefing accused the U.S. of flying high-altitude balloons over Xinjiang and Tibet regions, according to Reuters.


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