The broke and failing state of California is preparing to pass a bill that would grant unemployment benefits to illegal immigrants who come to the state. California will look to became an immigration sanctuary following the expiration of Title 42 in an effort to become even more liberal. The Safety Net for All Workers Act, or SB 227, would give $300 a week for 20 weeks to illegal immigrants without jobs and the funds would come from taxpayers. The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors formed a resolution to support the bill in March.

A spokesperson for the board spoke to the media before releasing the resolution. “We cannot take people’s money, take people’s taxes, take people’s labor and then deny them the very benefits and rights that they deserve and that they have earned,” they stated.

According to Fox:

Payroll taxes on illegal immigrants contribute $485 million a year to the state’s Unemployment Insurance system, according to the Safety Net for All Coalition, a group of over 120 organizations across California seeking to expand welfare programsfor undocumented workers. The weekly checks plus administrative expenses in the proposed legislation is estimated to cost $356 million in state funds.

“Every day, undocumented immigrants contribute to California’s economic prosperity in agriculture, construction, clothing and other industries,” said the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. María Elena Durazo. “Yet immigrants continue to be shut out from California’s economic success due to unjust exclusions from the safety net.”

On Thursday the Senate Appropriations Committee will review proposed legislation that costs the state more than $50,000, which would include SB 227, and either forward a bill to the floor or bench it.

But California this year is experiencing significant financial strain. Newsom announced Friday that the state’s budget deficit grew to nearly $32 billion, about $10 billion more than anticipated.

There are currently 700,000 migrants waiting at the southern border to enter and be processed by Biden’s DHS. Over 400,000 illegal border crossings are expected to occur every month. Last week, 83,000 migrants crossed the border but U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas still remarkably claims that “our borders are not open.”


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