Barr’s Changing Perception
  • . Former Attorney General Bill Barr initially questioned whether ex-President Donald Trump was aware he lost the 2020 elections.
  • . Over time, Barr’s views evolved, leading him to the belief that Trump indeed understood his defeat.


The Government’s Role
  • . Barr highlighted the government’s challenge in proving Trump’s awareness of his loss.
  • . An indictment posits that Trump had direct knowledge of his defeat, discrediting any allegations of election fraud.
  • . The onus is on the government to substantiate this claim indisputably.

Barr said: “The government, in their indictment, takes the position that he had actual knowledge that he had lost the election and the election wasn’t stolen through fraud. And they’re going to have to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt.”


Evidence Leading to Barr’s Belief
  • . Several factors contributed to Barr’s change of heart.
  • . Foremost among these were pre-election statements from Trump associates like Bannon and Stone, suggesting a premeditated plan to challenge the election results if they were unfavorable.

“Number one, comments from people like Bannon and Stone before the election saying that he was going to claim it was stolen if he was falling behind on election night and that that was the plan of action. I find those statements very troubling.”

  • . The subsequent actions of Trump on election night further cemented this view. Press reports, the indictment itself, and Trump’s apparent disinterest in the factual election results have also played a part in shaping Barr’s perspective.

“And then you see that he does that on election night, and then the evidence that has come out since that, the press reports and the indictment and his lack of curiosity as to what the actual facts were.”

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