Yesterday top GOP leaders, Florida Senator Rick Scott and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, campaigned with Herschel Walker in metro Atlanta in attempts to defeat Raphael Warnock and debate President Biden’s leadership before the upcoming midterm elections. The senators did not directly address if they had spoken to Walker about the abortion allegations though they did echo Walker’s previous comments of nonsense the allegations hold. In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Walker mentioned that he never had a conversation with a woman about an abortion and that this accuser was lying. This visit from top GOP leaders shows just how loyal the party is to Walker as a candidate and how much the party is hoping to kick Warnock out of the office.

Scott and Cotton highlighted what America has become under Biden and the Democratic Senate majorities’ reign and contrasted it to what they hope to accomplish if the Republicans are able to turn the majority. Senator Scott mentioned that people in this election should focus on “the issues” while he also was able to highlight concerns within Warnock’s personal life. The stop was an overall success, with the outcome of Georgia guiding underperforming nominees in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Arizona as election day gets closer.

While Walker let the senators lead the rally, Scott promised that more Republican senators would campaign with Walker before the election. While this might be a tough race for Walker, it seems as though he still has support from the party and many enthusiastic voters in Georgia.

Read more on the campaign stop at Fox News.

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