House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has called on the National Archives to release documents and communications of then-Vice President Joe Biden that might relate to his son, Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine. During the Obama administration, Joe Biden was the principal figure for U.S. foreign policy towards Ukraine.

In a recent move, Comer has specifically asked NARA for any unredacted documents in which Biden might have used a pseudonym, particularly regarding his relationship with Ukraine. A prime focus of this request was addressed to “Robert L. Peters”, alleged to be a pseudonym for Joe Biden.

Comer wrote in his request:

Attached to this email, and made available on the NARA website, is a document that indicates at 9:00 a.m. on May 27, 2016, Vice President Biden took a call with the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. It is concerning to the Committee, however, that this document was sent to “Robert L. Peters”—a pseudonym the Committee has identified as then Vice President Biden.

Comer expressed concerns in the statement, noting:

“Joe Biden has stated there was ‘an absolute wall’ between his family’s foreign business schemes and his duties as Vice President, but evidence reveals that access was wide open for his family’s influence peddling. The National Archives must provide these unredacted records to further our investigation into the Biden family’s corruption.”

The request seeks to shed light on the extent of the connection, if any, between Joe Biden’s official responsibilities and his son’s business endeavors in Ukraine.

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