Some statements by President Joe Biden during a combative press conference Thursday night were contradicted by the very report from special counsel Robert Hur that Biden was addressing.

Biden lashed out during a roughly 13-minute press conference held Thursday night about the coverage of special counsel Robert Hur’s report, which found President Joe Biden deliberately kept classified documents but declined to charge him. During the press conference, Biden made several claims that didn’t line up with the report.

“The special counsel said I never shared classified information,” Biden said during the press conference, during which he blamed his staff for moving some of the documents to his properties.

However, the report stated that Biden discussed classified information from notebooks he kept from his time as vice president with a biographer while a private citizen.

“Mr. Biden shared information, including some classified information, from those notebooks with his ghostwriter,” the report stated.


The White House confirmed multiple times in January 2023 that classified documents were discovered in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home after CNN reported that lawyers discovered classified documents while cleaning out offices of the Penn Biden Center in November.

Biden also claimed that he had kept the documents he retained locked up.

“All the stuff that was in my home was in filing cabinets that were either locked or able to be locked,” Biden said during the press conference. “It was in my house. It wasn’t out in like in Mar-a-Lago in a public place.”


Special counsel Hur’s report noted that some of the classified documents were in a damaged box in the garage and that the FBI agents who recovered them needed to obtain a new box to properly transport them and included photos of the box’s location. The photos showed the box was torn and in plain sight.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Harold Hutchison on February 8, 2024

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