The order comes on the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death. Relatives of Floyd and Breonna Taylor, who was killed as a result of a no-knock warrant, attended the signing ceremony.

According to NPR, the order instructs federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI to revise their use-of-force policies. The new minimum standard will allow force “only when no reasonable effective, safe, and feasible alternative appears to exist.”

It also limits the use of no-knock warrants by federal officers and requires them to publicly document when and why they need to use a no-knock warrant and disclose any injuries that result.

The order also directs the Justice Department to create a “national law enforcement accountability database” to track misconduct claims and disciplinary records of officers. Federal hiring departments will be required to consult the database.

Due to the executive nature of the order, it can’t compel local or state agencies to comply. Instead, Biden’s order suggests incentives to encourage changes by local departments, such as adhering to federal standards being a condition of federal grants.

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