According to a recent report, President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is actively recruiting a team of social media “influencers” to help promote his achievements and reach audiences who do not follow traditional political channels. The team will be made up of four digital staffers, overseen by Rob Flaherty, who will hold the same rank as the press secretary.

Axios writes that the campaign will “boost Biden’s standing among young voters who are crucial to Democrats’ success in elections” and will counter Donald Trump’s “massive social media following.”

The strategy comes in response to polling that suggests younger voters, aged 18 to 29, were more likely to vote for Biden in the last election than former President Trump, with a 26-point margin. Similarly, in the 2022 midterms, this age group preferred Democrats over Republicans by a 28-point margin, according to a poll by Tufts University Tisch College.

The goal of the influencer team is to connect with influential voices across the country who can help promote Biden’s record, particularly among younger voters who are less likely to engage with traditional political messaging. These independent content creators and influencers will be on the White House payroll, not the Biden campaign, indicating that the administration sees this effort as a long-term strategy beyond the current election cycle.

To facilitate this strategy, the White House may create a dedicated briefing room for social media influencers, giving them more direct access to the president and his team. This move would represent a significant shift in how the White House interacts with the media and the public, recognizing the growing importance of social media and the role of influencers in shaping public opinion.

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