After weeks of criticism about its purpose and leadership, the board is effectively disbanded.

Nina Jankowicz, the board’s leader, also announced her resignation from the Department of Homeland Security.

According to The Hill, DHS said the board’s work was “grossly and intentionally mischaracterized” and the “false attacks have become a significant distraction”.

The officially named Disinformation Governance Board was created as a way to coordinate efforts across the department to battle what it considers disinformation.

Despite the loudest opposition coming from Republicans, who quickly labeled it the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”, many free speech and civil rights groups also criticized the board.

Many critics also targeted Jankowicz, who previously made a series of social media posts in which she sang about aspects of disinformation and denounced Hunter Biden’s laptop story as Russian disinformation.

The board’s mission will be reviewed by the DHS’s Homeland Security Advisory Council to determine its next steps.

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