California Governor, Gavin Newsom, will be front and center in Simi Valley at the upcoming Republican presidential primary debate. He’ll spearhead efforts to counteract any misleading statements and spotlight potential extreme positions emerging from the discussions according to Joe Biden’s campaign. Alongside him will be Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the manager for the Biden-Harris campaign, and Jaime Harrison, the DNC Chairman. So why is the Biden team sending Newsom to the debate.

Team Biden, reflecting on their strategies, released a statement declaring:

“You can expect the Biden campaign and our allies to point out the stark contrast between Bidenomics and the extreme MAGAnomics policies we’ll hear on the debate stage,”

“The timing of next week’s debate, as MAGA Republicans are willing to shut down the government unless Donald Trump gets his way, shines a brighter spotlight on economic impacts of the extreme MAGAnomics agenda. On the debate stage, Republicans will have to answer whether they’re on the side of the MAGA shutdown or with the American people,”

This midweek debate, on the Fox Business Network, is anticipated to largely revolve around the GOP’s financial tactics. Even though ex-President Trump won’t be making an appearance, following his absence in the August debate, Team Biden anticipates Trumpian policies to be a significant part of the discussion.


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