Tensions between the United States have been on the rise and on Monday night President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met virtually to tamp down tensions.

Context: Major issues of discussion were Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, human rights, climate change, and maybe the most important, Taiwan.

No major resolutions came from the more than three-hour discussion and the White House has worked hard to limit expectations.

Why is this important: China has ramped up its posture against Taiwan and President Biden could face a hot war during his time in office.

During the meeting, Biden reassured Xi that the United States remained committed to the ‘one-China policy’ but did not want to see the status quo with Taiwan interrupted.

Chinese state media made it a point to state that the U.S was not in support of independence for Taiwan.

What people are saying:

Xi threatened Biden during the meeting warning that the United States “will get burned” if it assisted Taiwan

Biden did not push back.

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