The Department of Justice is investing millions of taxpayer funds into “transgender programming curriculum” designed to address the needs of inmates who decide to identify differently than their biological gender once behind bars.

According to reporting by the Washington Free Beacon, the Justice Department payed nearly $1.5 million to a consulting firm to develop a program to help transgender inmates “manage identity concerns during incarceration” and advocate for their “sexual health and safety” while imprisoned.

The contract also assigns the firm to develop a program to help inmates access hormone therapy upon their release.

According to a DOJ estimate, there are only about 1,200 inmates who identify as transgender in federal prisons as of 2021.

The contract is part of the Biden administration’s larger effort to support transgenderism among all ages.

In March, the DOJ issued a letter to all state attorneys warning them not to restrict hormone treatments for minor children. In the same month, it announced it would allow individuals to select “X” as their gender on passport applications.

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