The natural gas pipeline would have delivered natural gas to an under-serviced area south of Louisville.

The US Army Corps of Engineers confirmed the reversal to the Daily Caller, but the administration did not issue any public announcement or press release about its decision.

Two environmental groups, the Center for Biological Diversity and Kentucky Resources Council, threatened to file lawsuits against the project for alleged violations of the Endangered Species Act.

“The Corps has suspended the Nationwide Permit 12 (NWP) verification previously issued for this project,” USACE spokesperson Katie Newton told the Caller. “A decision will be made either to reinstate, modify, or revoke the authorization under the NWP pending completion of formal consultation.”

The permit was initially granted to Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E), the largest utility company in the state. It gained local approval for the project in 2017 and received federal approval after a lengthy review by the USACE.

LG&E COO Loonie Bellar noted in 2019 that a new school, recovery clinic, and housing development had been denied natural gas due to insufficient infrastructure, which the pipeline was intended to correct.

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