After months of blaming oil companies for soaring gas and oil prices, often outright calling them greedy, the Biden administration is now set to sit down with their executives and ask for advice on how to deal with fuel prices.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a Thursday press briefing that Energy Department officials and oil companies will meet within the “next couple of days”.

“We’re finalizing details and we’ll be sure to pass that along as soon as we can,” she said.

She said President Biden is attempting to “create a forum so that the oil companies are able to put forth ideas” on how to lower prices.

Jean-Pierre was not certain whether Biden himself would join the meeting.

Biden reportedly wrote a letter to seven large oil companies earlier this week to inform them that he was directing Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to hold what he called an emergency meeting.

According to Jean-Pierre, Biden is looking at alternative methods including again invoking the Defense Production Act, but she would not give specifics on how it might be used to lower fuel prices.

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