The Biden administration is responding to the labor shortage affecting the economy by making more H-2B Visas available.

Context: The administration will make 20,000 H-2B visas available ahead of the winter hiring season.

H-2B visas are also known as seasonal guest worker visas and are on top of 33,000 visas already set aside for seasonal workers.

Why this is important: The Department of Homeland Security is overseeing the visas, and Secretary Mayorkas said this is part of the solution to fuel the nation’s historic economic recovery.

The move could also signal a willingness of the department to make even more available for summer which is typically busier.

The visas are used to fill positions in landscaping, hotels, ski resorts, and the service industry as a whole.

What this means: Of the 20,000 visas 6,500 will be available exclusively for applicants from Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, and El Salvador.

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