Frank LaRose, the Secretary of State for Ohio, has announced his candidacy for the 2024 Senate elections. He is the third Republican to declare a run in a high-profile primary that will decide who faces the Democratic incumbent, Sherrod Brown. Expressing concern over the country’s direction, LaRose has emphasized his identity as a conservative, a Green Beret veteran, and a man of faith.

Ohio’s Senate race is anticipated to be one of the most competitive in 2024. Brown’s seat represents a significant chance for a GOP gain, particularly given former President Trump’s previous success in the state. LaRose will face a challenging primary, competing against Bernie Moreno, a businessman backed by Trump, and Matt Dolan, a policy-focused conservative whose family owns the Cleveland Guardians baseball team.

LaRose has already built a reputation with Ohio voters, having won two statewide races, including his re-election as Secretary of State. However, he lacks the personal wealth of his competitors and has relied on a nonprofit to maintain his financial competitiveness. He also sits in a complex position regarding former President Trump. He neither believes the 2020 election was stolen from Trump nor completely distances himself from the former president.

The Ohio Senate race is expected to be a contentious one, with the Ohio Democratic Party predicting a damaging slugfest. As a candidate, LaRose will be striving to find a balance between the loyalty to Trump and a more policy-oriented approach. His performance will likely be influenced by a complex mix of political maneuvering, financial backing, and public opinion.

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