On March 23rd, the Arizona House of Representatives was informed that a pair of Holy Bibles had disappeared from two display tables. The bibles were located in a restricted area known as the members-only lounge, which is located near the House floor. After being alerted of the bibles disappearance, officers searched the lounge and found them hidden under couch cushions and even in the corner of a fridge. But the bibles continued to be hidden every time officers put them back, and this resulted in security cameras being installed.

The security cameras finally caught the culprit on April 10, when Democrat Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton could be seen removing the books and hiding them under sofa cushions. Watch the video below:

Stahl-Hamilton is an ordained Presbyterian minister, according to her bio, so it makes little sense as to why she wants the books removed from her state house. She called her actions playful but would not respond to reporters when confronted today. Watch her frantically avoid reporters in the clip below:


This is a developing story.

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