The Arizona Republican Party chairwoman, Kelly Ward, is suing the House Select Committee to block the panel’s phone records subpoena.

Background: The House Select Committee responsible for investigating the events surrounding the Jan. 6th Capitol riot previously issued a subpoena to Ward’s phone provider, T-Mobile seeking the records.

Last week, the House panel issued subpoenas to 14 individuals who sought to submit a slate of fake electors who “certified” that former President Trump actually won states that had gone to Joe Biden during the 2020 election.

Key Details: Neither Kelly Ward nor her husband, were among the group listed by the select committee last week. However, they were both among the fake electors who tried to pass off their certifications as legitimate Electoral College votes for Trump.

What Happened: Ward and her husband, who owns a medical practice, filed a lawsuit with Arizona’s federal district court arguing the House panel’s subpoena would violate their constitutional rights and their patients’ confidentiality. 

“Plaintiffs respectfully ask that this Court declare that the Subpoena is a violation of the Plaintiffs’ constitutional rights, an overbroad overreach of congressional power for improper purposes, and that this Court quash it, while enjoining Defendants from enforcing the Subpoena or producing any documents in compliance with its demands,” the lawsuit reads. 

What Came Next: The Wards’ lawsuit was initially assigned to U.S. District Judge Susan Brnovich, who is married to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R), a Trump ally running for Senate. The judge quickly recused herself a day after the lawsuit was filed. (per The Hill)

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