When the moment called for a change in course and fresh energy, Biden fell back on the stale policies of his first year.

The one truly rousing moment of Biden’s speech came when he offered support for Ukraine’s ongoing fight for freedom, receiving bipartisan applause. However, even that ignored the world’s failure to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We were ready,” Biden nearly bragged. Yet had the West been ready, Putin would not have risked invasion at all.

Domestically, Biden acknowledged inflation, but he shrugged it off to greedy business practices and lingering pandemic. His solutions are to unleash antitrust enforcements and spend even more money on entitlements and social welfare.

While the country is anxious over inflation, Biden doubled down on his climate agenda which is outright designed to raise the price if energy. His most out-of-touch line came when he bizarrely claimed his policies would “cut energy costs for families an average of $500 a year by combating climate change.” Fact checkers note his claim is based on a third party analysis of savings Americans might see by 2030.

Americans were looking for leadership and reassurance as the world enters a dangerous new era. Instead, they were given rehashed policies which are responsible for the lowest approval ratings of Biden’s career. Presumably, this coming year will look much the same.

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