Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially put the clamps down on the “woke” mob, with his latest victory coming against Disney.  The biggest loser of DeSantis’ pro-America platform has been Disney, “a company actively betraying its customers—parents and children alike—by pushing a woke ideology that plays politics with entertainment.”

Dan Backer of the Dailey Caller writes, “For years now, Disney has broken its nearly 100-year deal with consumers. Generations of parents have given Disney their hard-earned dollars and their children’s eyeballs in exchange for non-problematic, wholesome entertainment. But now, Disney has decided that it doesn’t have to earn our money. The company is apparently entitled to it, pushing whatever Hollywood radicalism it wants—from blatant racism and open transgenderism to anti-Americanism that has no business reaching kids.”

But DeSantis stood up to the media giant, stripping them of special perks through legislative action, which forced woke Bob Iger out as as CEO.

Backer continues, “Gone is Disney’s bravado that it could play the woke game unencumbered and even emboldened by elected officials in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. Gone is the company’s unchecked autonomy, with even the likes of The New York Times and The Guardian acknowledging Disney’s drubbing. Thanks to the Florida governor, the pendulum has swung back against the woke crowd that has infiltrated our national institutions for too long.”

The take down of Disney has sent a warning shot to other woke institutions, warning them that they may need to tone down the radical messaging. Those in education, including the College Board are now on notice, as rejecting the “Critical Race Theory” brainwashing and indoctrinating is high on DeSantis’ list. Backer states, “Any form of “education” that makes young kids feel like they are racists just because of their skin color needs to be exposed and roundly condemned. It is racist and un-American.”

Backer concludes his thoughts:

Unless the radical Left is checked, there will be no end to the madness and chaos. From Hollywood to finance and academia, liberal elites have hijacked institution after cherished American institution, simply to impose their will on the rest of us. Their endgame is power by any means necessary — from cancellation to shaming and propagandizing.

Making America great again — uniting our nation as a melting pot — is the opportunity we still have. And as Ron DeSantis has shown, it cannot be accomplished without fighters.

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