During a Sunday vote, 220 House Democrats voted against a Republican proposal that would have prohibited the IRS from tracking Americans’ bank accounts.

Context: Texas Republican Rep. Kevin Brady brought a motion to the House floor that would have taken away funding included in President Biden’s budget bill which would have increased IRS enforcement and prohibited the formation of a special IRS program to track Americans’ bank accounts.

Background: President Biden has previously called for the IRS to begin tracking American bank accounts with more than $600 as part of his Build Back Better agenda.

What Republicans Say: Republicans have pushed back against the measure since it was first reported calling it an egregious violation of privacy and federal overreach.

“My amendment is simple,” Brady explained. “It stops Democrats from unleashing 80,000 new IRS agents on American taxpayers. More importantly, it blocks the House and the Senate from ever imposing a dangerous bank surveillance scheme targeting American families, farmers, and small businesses.”

“The truth is the IRS doesn’t need your private information, it has a record of targeting Americans based on their political beliefs,” noted Brady. “In fact this year they discriminated again against a non-profit focused on biblical teachings and continues to fail to stop massive leaks of private taxpayer returns to the media.”

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