The U.S. Treasury Department will only hand over Hunter Biden’s financial information to Republican lawmakers if the request comes with a Democrat stamp of approval. Republican lawmakers have been looking for “suspicious activity reports” on Hunter Biden. Since the Democrats are in control of Congress, the Treasury Department won’t hand over what the Republican lawmakers are looking for unless it comes with the Democrat’s approval. This adds fuel to the fire for the mid-term elections for the Republicans to take back control of Congress.

These suspicious activity reports include large cash transactions or transfers above $5,000, Reuters reported. Such reports could indicate fraud or money laundering or they could also be legal. The decision is the latest in a series of attempts by Republicans to get the information while the Treasury continues to deny their efforts.

In July, Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., also the Ranking Member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, accused the Biden administration of changing standard operating rules to shield Hunter Biden from a potential Republican-led investigation.

“The Biden Administration is restricting Congress’ access to SARs, and Committee Republicans are investigating whether this change in longstanding policy is motivated by efforts to shield Hunter Biden and potentially President Biden from scrutiny,” he wrote in a letter dated July 6, 2022.

There are currently 223 Democrats in the House of Representatives, giving them a majority over the 212 Republicans. Some experts have predicted Republicans could retake the majority in the upcoming November midterm elections.

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