The death of a great leader is to be respected. However, Twitter Trolls have lost their sense of respect when they called for a holiday to celebrate the death of Senator John McCain. The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire took a hit when they proposed a celebrating the death of a great leader.

The official Twitter account for the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire took a beating on Friday for suggesting that people should celebrate the death of the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ) as they would any other holiday.

The account posted a photo from the late senator’s funeral — with his daughter Meghan McCain standing beside the casket in tears — and added just two words by way of a caption: “Happy Holidays.”

Meghan McCain responded to the tweet with several thoughts — first taking aim at Twitter ostensibly for allowing such a hateful tweet to remain posted on the platform. “This is hideous – even by Twitter’s standards,” she said.

She then turned on the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, saying, “This is the official twitter account of the state of New Hampshire’s Libertarian political party. I really fear for the future of the world and how we have come to treat each other — especially on social media. I hope no one ever does anything like this to any of you.”

Many veterans and candidates responded to the New Hampshire Libertarians Twitter by attacking them for their lack of respect.

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