Rabidly anti-Trump Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) appeared on Sunday’s Face The Nation on CBS where he flirted with a presidential run in 2024. He also bashed Republicans angered over election fraud claims in previous elections.

Gov. Larry Hogan, R-Md., appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday where he hinted at presidential ambitions and gave a dire warning to the GOP.

Host Major Garrett observed that the term-limited governor had recently traveled to Iowa and New Hampshire and asked, “When are you announcing your 2024 bid?”

Hogan quipped, “Maybe this morning,” before demurring, “I’m just going to finish my term as governor.” The governor suggested that he has been merely going to New Hampshire to “help the House Republican caucus up there.”

When asked if he had been looking “very seriously” at a presidential run, Hogan responded, “I think that’s probably an exaggeration,” later acknowledging he is taking a “lukewarm maybe, lukewarm” approach to considering his prospects.

He warned that when it comes to controversies such as the 2020 presidential election’s legitimacy, the Republican Party needs to look forward rather than backward.

“I think if the Republicans are to get any power back, we’re going to have to start talking about the issues people care about and not re-litigating what happened in 2020 or denying things that are fact,” he explained.

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