Amazon has built a sprawling network to move goods around the U.S. highways at a rapid rate. To do this, they have hired some of the most dangerous and deadly drivers. All three companies that Amazon hired were deemed as “unsafe” by the Department of Transportation. A report says that they drivers at Amazon trucking contractors are more than twice as likely to receive bad, unsafe driving records.

The Wall Street Journal did a deep dive into investigative journalism to expose the dangers of the truckers that Amazon contracts with to deliver goods all over the United States.

The Wall Street Journal states, that “all three companies received unsafe driving scores that raised red flags at the U.S. Transportation Department, a Wall Street Journal analysis of government data found. Between February 2020 and early August 2022, more than 1,300 Amazon trucking contractors received scores worse than the level at which DOT officials typically take action, the Journal found. DOT scores are a widely used industry standard for assessing trucker safety.”

Trucking companies hauling freight for Amazon have been involved in crashes that killed more than 75 people since 2015, according to the Journal’s review.

Read more about the Wall Street Journal‘s report.

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