President Biden is set to meet up with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis today to discuss the federal and state responses to Hurricane Ian.

This meeting is set to take place in Fort Myers. It will include FEMA director Deanne Criswell, and both federal and state officials. Where they will brief the president on rebuild efforts in the state.

In the long run, this meeting is going to be an opportunity for both Biden and DeSantis to showcase a preview of what might be to come in the 2024 Presidential election. Even though both parties have denied this to be a political meeting.

While these two have clashed on many issues, such as immigration and coronavirus. Especially in the past several months, this will be a chance to see how well they can come together in the wake of a natural disaster.

According to David Houck, Biden and DeSantis both need each other at the moment. As Biden wants to appear bipartisan, and DeSantis gets an opportunity to show he can share the stage with the President before reelection next month.

With this meeting coming just a week after Biden’s Administration came under fire for not speaking directly to DeSantis regarding the Hurricane. Along with what many Republicans are describing as missteps on the administrations part regarding the hurricane and their efforts. No matter what we get from this meeting it should be an interesting one.


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